Intermountain, Presbyterian and SSM Launch Nonprofit Digital Health Market


Intermountain Healthcare, Presbyterian Healthcare Services and SSM Health announced the launch this week of Graphite Health, a member-driven company that will leverage a common data language to create a standardized and interoperable data platform.

The goal, according to Graphite Santé, is to enable a secure and open market to facilitate the distribution of digital health tools for health systems and entrepreneurs.

“Right now, when a hospital wants to embrace new innovative solutions, it is hampered by overly cumbersome processes that can take years to implement,” said Dr Ries Robinson, CEO of Graphite Health and advisor. Chief Innovation Officer at Presbyterian Healthcare Services, in a report.

“Graphite Health will deliver a true paradigm shift to deliver on the promise of lower costs and faster integration of solutions that dramatically improve patient care and experience, while maintaining the highest standards of privacy,” said Robinson continued.


As Robinson noted, hospitals wishing to implement new software can face a long and drawn-out process of contract negotiation, security assessment and customization.

This means that healthcare systems must fully engage in the adoption of a new digital tool before using it in any meaningful way.

The founding members of Graphite Health say it will strive to overcome these challenges.

Its common data language – built from the FHIR framework – will address inefficiencies in data translation and support the development of plug-and-play digital applications, as explained in a press release.

In turn, members of the healthcare system can implement reliable digital tools, echoing the process of other app markets, such as the App Store.

Healthcare systems hope that these innovations will lead to more convenience, better quality care, lower costs and overall efficiency. “The promise of digital transformation to reduce real human suffering is too big to quibble over definitions and silos. It’s a collective problem that requires collective action,” said Carter Dredge, chief futurist at SSM Health, in a press release.

“We are addressing this market failure with a new utility model that distributes costs and efforts among a wide range of like-minded stakeholders so that everyone can engage – so everyone can benefit. benefit, “he added.

In addition to the organizing members, Graphite plans to integrate other health systems and philanthropies into the coalition in the coming months.

He cites a “digital Hippocratic Oath” – which builds on the pillars of self-reliance, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice – as fundamental to his vision, enabling him to foster trust between patients, physicians, healthcare systems and application developers.


The member-run nonprofit Graphite Health is modeled after CivicaRx, which is also managed by Intermountain, and ensuring that generic health drugs are widely available and affordable.

His company follows the creation of other healthcare IT company application markets aimed at enabling small third-party vendors to build software that integrates with various electronic health records.


“Graphite Health is more than a new start-up, it represents a new approach to solving one of our long-standing national problems: Healthcare is too expensive and inconvenient,” said Dan Liljenquist, vice-president. senior president and strategy director of Intermountain. Health in a press release.

“By taking the collective membership approach and committing to our digital Hippocratic Oath, we will ensure that patients are treated as people rather than products. In doing so, Graphite Health will accelerate access to valuable digital tools that can deliver better at lower cost, ”he said.

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