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The last time we met Liquid Avatar Technologies (CSE.LQID, OTCMKTS: LQAVF, Forum) in our video Q&A series in July, the company had just launched its new Liquid Avatar app on the Apple Store and Google Play, along with revolutionary non-fungible tokens and a enhanced augmented reality. Non-fungible tokens.

Fast forward to today and the company has launched a new initiative with Ontario

Convenience Stores Association (OCSA) to provide digital age verification solutions to over 8,000 stores. This is a big deal. Your attention please.

If you are unfamiliar with Liquid Avatar technologies, this is a global blockchain, digital identity, and fintech solutions company. Together with the Ontario Convenience Stores Association (OCSA), they just announced that they have signed an initial agreement to support digital innovation in the convenience store industry and develop Smart Age, a verification program for the digital age to help Ontario locals, regional and national convenience retailers verify the age of their customers as these operators distribute age restricted products. In short, they know where the explosion of the online millennium market is.

In the news

Major update to Liquid Avatar mobile app puts digital identity control and credentials at your fingertips

Liquid Avatar has just announced a major update to the Liquid Avatar mobile application, available soon in the Apple App Store and currently on Google Play. The new version offers a completely redesigned user interface and experience. When combined with the recently announced Liquid Avatar wallet, consumers can use verifiable digital identity credentials anchored in blockchain technology to share information, such as health tests, vaccination records, government identification and information. ‘other personal information and data, in a fraud-resistant manner. , highly secure and preserving confidentiality.

Launched earlier this year as a pilot program to collect user feedback, the Liquid Avatar mobile app has over 13,000 initial downloads. It allows online users to manage their different online personas and only share what they want, when they want and with whom they want â„¢.

“OCSA fully supports the need for verification for the sale of age-restricted products and is working with industry to achieve a 100% success rate. Together with Liquid Avatar, our goal is to implement the Smart Age solution in over 8,000 convenience stores across the province and leverage easy-to-use technology to better protect families in their respective communities, ”a said Dave Bryans, CEO of OCSA. “We believe this digital solution will help our industry to modernize and further build the trust that convenience stores have already established in their own neighborhoods.”

This major update, which now forms the basis for a full commercial deployment, offers consumers the ability to use a personal digital wallet to hold different types of verifiable credentials. These can be digitally verified for authenticity and accuracy without the owner having to disclose Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to the person or company performing the verification.

David Lucatch, CEO of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc., commented:

Click to enlarge“We’ve listened to users, we’ve listened to government, and we’ve listened to the business community. We believe Liquid Avatar Technologies has provided the best digital verification solution for emerging digital and privacy standards for businesses and governments today, and which will help them achieve their roadmap for the future, ”“ Since In the beginning, our goal was to provide consumers with a cloud-based platform and services that give them full control over their information and privacy, and protect them from loss, damage or theft. I believe we’ve achieved that goal — and we’ve achieved it at no cost to the consumer. ”

SH: David, as you recently reported, the partnership with the Ontario Convenience Stores Association (OCSA) is the digital identity industry’s first major deployment – a huge milestone with 8,000 stores and is considered a pilot expansion in North America and in several sectors including verticals like. hospitality, such as restaurants, bars, hotels and events. How big is this movement?

DL: When we think about all the interactions we have as consumers where age is a requirement and for businesses where it could impact their livelihoods, the opportunities can be huge. As digital identity grows and provides security and safety to all parties, ensuring that the user controls the use of their data and that businesses can rely on that data, the Smart Age program could become an industry leader for businesses and consumers when it comes to EGM verification.

About Liquid Avatar

Liquid Avatar Technologies focuses on the verification, management and monetization of sovereign identity, enabling users to control and benefit from the use of their identity online. The Liquid Avatar mobile app, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, is a verified self-sovereign identity platform that allows users to create high-quality digital icons representing their personalities online. These icons allow users to manage and control their digital identity and verifiable access and identity information, and use liquid avatars to share private, public and permission-based data when they want and with whom. they want it.

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