How to sync tabs between Edge, Chrome, and Firefox browsers


If you think of a way to sync tabs between different browsers, we found a way for you to sync tabs and access tabs anywhere. To synchronize tabs between different browsers we use Session Manager tab, an open source browser extension.

You can download Tab Session Manager extensions from Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. It is available with the name Tab Session Manager on the stores of each browser. It allows you to sync tabs on these browsers. All you need is its extension and your login through Google to save the tab data. Let’s see how to sync tabs using Tab Session Manager.

How to sync tabs between different browsers

To synchronize tabs between browsers, open any browser (Edge, Chrome or Firefox) and

  1. Install the Tab Session Manager extension
  2. Click on the extension in the toolbar
  3. Then click on the gear icon
  4. Scroll down to name the device
  5. Set the interval to save the session
  6. Turn on cloud sync using a Google account
  7. Allow data to be saved on your Google Drive

Let’s see the process in detail.

Open Google Chrome or any browser you use and install the Tab Session Manager extension from the extensions store. After installation, click on the extension in the toolbar.

Session Manager tab

Then, in the extension tab, click on the Equipment to access the Tab Session Manager settings page.

Tab session manager gear icon

On the Tab Session Manager Settings page, scroll down to find Save device name in session and check the box next to enable it. Then enter the name of the session for easy remembering in the text box next to it Name of the device.

Session name

Again, scroll down to the Auto save section and set the time interval to save the session regularly. It is set to 15 minutes by default. You can modify it according to your needs.

Auto-save interval

Then scroll to Cloud synchronization heading and click on the Sign in with google button.

Enable cloud sync

This will open an overlay window for logging into the Google account. After signing in, allow data to be saved to Google Drive. Then the session data will be saved successfully to your Drive.

To access the same session on a different browser or computer, simply install the Tab Session Manager extension and sign in with your Google account. You will find sessions with the names you defined. Click on the session to load on this browser.

You can delete sessions at any time and update settings at any time. If you are using the extension to sync tabs on a public computer, remember to remove the Tab Session Manager extension and other data on the computer. There are many other extensions available to do the same. You can install and use any extension as long as you trust the extension and its data collection policies. Read the notices before installing an extension to protect your data and privacy from unfamiliar hands.

This is how you can save and sync tabs on different browsers using an extension. You can download it from

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Synchronize tabs between different browsers

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