How to play the Olympic themed dinosaur game from Google Chrome


Google Chrome’s Secret Dinosaurs Offline Game is a fun little Easter Egg and you don’t need to be offline to play it. In honor of the 2020 Summer Olympics, which perhaps should be called the 2021 Summer Olympics, the dinosaur has been given new hurdles to overcome.

If you are not familiar with Chrome’s dinosaur game, it is just a very simple game that pops up in the browser window when you are not connected to the internet. It can also be played anytime by typing chrome://dino in the address bar.

The game is usually about jumping over cacti, but for the Olympics Google added gymnastics, surfing, track and field, swimming, and horseback riding. The dinosaur even wears special outfits for each event. Here is how to play.

First, open Google Chrome on the desktop or mobile device. You can put your device in airplane mode to disconnect from the Internet or access chrome://dino.

Go to dino url to play online.

Next, hit the space bar if you’re on the desktop, or tap the dinosaur if you’re on a touchscreen device.

Press space to start.

At first you will have to jump over some cacti as usual, but eventually an Olympic torch will appear. Run straight into the torch, don’t jump on it.

Run on the Olympic torch.

The dinosaur will immediately be replaced by an outfit and you will participate in one of the Olympic events. In this case, I had the athletic version, which involves jumping over hurdles.

The Olympic game is about to begin!

The Olympic event you get is completely random and it stays with you even after you hit an obstacle. You can refresh the page if you want to try another event. When you’re done with the dinosaur, check out the Hidden Game from the Google Play Store!

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