How to Fix Google Play Store App Download Problems [Step by Step]


Google Play Store is the largest application market in the world which allows users to download different types of applications and games on their Android devices. Sometimes, the Google Play Store distribution platform can bring you problems related to downloading apps.

These Google Play Store app download issues may occur in the following scenarios.

  1. Your app downloads and updates are blocked during the process and do not complete.
  2. Your desired apps and games will not download or complete installation through Google Play Store.
  3. Your Android device failed to download music, movies, TV shows or other content from Play Store.

Below you can check all the troubleshooting steps for your Android device.

Basic troubleshooting:

Network connection:

  • Internet connection plays a major role in connecting your smartphone to the Play Store server, therefore, it is recommended to use a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.


  • If you haven’t already, be sure to check that there is enough internal storage on your device. The download and installation process may be interrupted if the device runs out of space.

Check for software update:

  • You can get the latest software update which can help you update the system library or fix some bug fixes that may come from the latest firmware deployment.

Troubleshoot Play Store app issues:

Apart from system settings, you can directly fix some issues that may arise through the Play Store app itself.

App availability:

  • Sometimes a user opens an app which can view the app’s page list, but you can’t download it because the developer might have set limits on the list that prevent the app from being downloaded in a particular country or country. specific device. Therefore, check if the app is available for download on your device.

Check Play Store app availability

Uninstall and reinstall:

  • Another step you can take to fix the update issue is to reinstall the app, but first you need to remove it. To do this, you need to open the Play Store, then tap the profile icon, then tap Manage apps & device > then tap Manage. From there, select the app you want to remove, then tap Uninstall. Now start the installation process through the option – Activate or Install.

manage app downloaded from google play store

To note: The uninstallation process can also be initiated from the phone’s system settings.

More steps:

Have you tried all the steps mentioned above and the problem persists? Don’t worry, there are other ways to extend your efforts to fix this problem.

Reopen the Play Store:

The first thing you can do is to close the Google Play Store app from the task manager to disconnect the background process from the server and remove the background services. Then reopen and try again.

close google play store

Uninstall Play Store updates:

Another way to free the Play Store is to uninstall and reinstall Play Store updates. To do this, you need a replicable Wi-Fi connection. For this, you need to find the Play Store icon, tap and hole to access more options, then tap information or additional info icons to access app settings.

From there, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and tap “Uninstall updates” to uninstall app updates from your Android device. You can also go to settings to access the app management page.

uninstall google play store update

Restart your phone:

Sometimes all it takes is a simple restart that can do the job for your current app-related issues. Restart your Android phone and try downloading the app again.

Clear Google Play Services cache and data:

Android devices are all about google play services only, they work to bring you data narrated in the cloud with a bridge called GMS and then apps let you access it directly on your android smartphone.

However, Google Play Services has its own library of stored services in Android which can be filled with bugs or storage-related issues. Therefore, clearing the app’s cache and storage can help us achieve our goal and resolve.

Open your phone’s settings, then follow the instructions below.

  1. Access your phone’s app management settings
  2. Tap Google Play Services
  3. Tap Storage
  4. Empty the cache
  5. Erase data

Clear Google Play Services cache and data

Clear Google Play Store cache and data:

Cache is a great supporter of all your apps and services on an Android device. However, it might also store bugs to disrupt the Google Play Store app access features. Therefore, try clearing the cache and current data of your device.

Similar to game services, we have to jump to settings to do this trick.

Open Settings > then tap on app section, from here select Google Play Store then clear its storage and cache. If you cannot find these options separately, clear all data from the Google Play Store app.

Clear Google Play Services cache and data

Log in again:

The last thing you can try to fix this problem is to sign out and sign back in to your Google account on the phone. This may delete all your account data associated with your device and re-add it to start a fresh start of the services.

Make sure that you do not restore the apps data backup if you have opted for such option or third-party services.


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