How to download Minecraft Bedrock beta on Android and Windows


Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 1 has been out for a while now. Many players have already upgraded to the latest version 1.17 and are taking advantage of all the new features added with this update.

Given the plethora of new content, gamers expected update 1.17 to have a lot of bugs. However, there is nothing to worry about as Mojang has already started fixing the bugs. Prior to a public release, these bug fixes are added to snapshots and beta releases.

The developers have released another new beta for Minecraft Bedrock. Like last week’s beta, the new version continues to fix crashes and bugs in Update 1.17. Players can download this beta to check for new fixes and test if they are actually fixed or not.

Download Minecraft Bedrock Beta

Minecraft Bedrock beta is available for free to all beta testers. Players who already own a copy of Minecraft can sign up for the official Mojang beta program. But before joining the beta, players should know the following:

  • After joining the beta program, Minecraft will be replaced with a progress version of in-game work.
  • Beta players cannot access Realms or play with non-beta players.
  • Anyone created in a beta cannot be played in previous versions.
  • New features in the beta may change in the future and do not represent the final product.
  • The beta program is only available for Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android devices. Unfortunately, other players cannot try the beta.

Join the beta program on Android

Minecraft Beta (Image via PlayStore)
Minecraft Beta (Image via PlayStore)

Android gamers can easily join the beta program using Google Play Store. Follow these steps to sign up and download the latest beta of Minecraft:

  1. Go to the Play Store.
  2. Search for Minecraft or click here to be redirected.
  3. Go to the official Minecraft page on the Play Store.
  4. Join the beta program from here.
  5. After joining, players can download the latest beta version of Bedrock on Android.

Join the beta program on Windows devices

To join the beta on Windows 10, players need to download the Xbox Insider Hub app. Follow these steps to sign up and download the beta of Minecraft on Windows 10:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store and download the Xbox Insider Hub app.
  2. After installation, players can sign up for the beta from the Insider content.
  3. After successfully joining the beta, download the beta from the manage option on the Minecraft page of Insider Content.
  4. That’s it. Take advantage of beta features.

It is safe to create a new world for beta versions, as beta worlds cannot work on older versions. After testing the changes in the beta, players can opt out of the beta and upgrade to the latest public version.

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