How to Change Default Download Location in Windows 11


Windows bundles all your downloaded files together and stores them in a “Downloads” folder. If you downloaded a file from the Internet, you need to know the Downloads folder. While most people don’t change the default download folder location, Windows gives you an option to do so. In this article, we have detailed how you can change the default download location in Windows 11.

Change Download Folder Location in Windows 11 (2022)

What is the default download folder location in Windows 11?

When you download a file from the Internet, Windows stores it in a “Downloads” folder. By default, you will find all your downloaded files in the following path:


If you want to change the default folder for downloads in Windows 11, follow the detailed instructions below:

Set a custom location for downloads in Windows 11

1. Open File Explorer using Windows 11 Win + E keyboard shortcut, right click on the Downloads folder from the quick access panel, and choose “Properties”.

2. Switch to the “Location” tab and click the “Move” button to choose a path to save all your new downloads.

move the downloads folder to a new location

3. From the file picker interface, navigate to the new folder for downloads and click “Select Folder”.

select a new folder for downloads

4. Until next time, click “Apply” to confirm the changes. Going forward, you will find your new downloads in the folder you just chose.

confirm new folder to change download location in Windows 11

5. Windows will now ask you to move all downloaded files to the new downloads folder. If you want all your downloads in one place, click “Yes”. You can also choose to ignore this and start fresh in the new folder.

move files to a new download folder

6. To restore old download location, you can click “Restore Default” button and use “Downloads” as the default download location in Windows 11.

restore default downloads folder

Change the download location for Microsoft Store apps

If you want to change the download location of apps you download through Microsoft Store, you can do that too. Follow the steps below:

1. Open the Settings app and click on “Storage” under “System” to view storage-related settings.

w11 storage settings

2. In the “Storage Management” section, expand “Advanced Storage Settings” and click on “Where new content is saved”.

where new content is saved

3. Now you will see a section saying – “New apps will be saved to”. Click the drop-down list below the header to choose a new location to store apps.

new apps will be saved to the location

4. Now you can choose another drive on your PC to save apps downloaded through Microsoft Store.

choose a new download location for Windows 11 apps

Choose the Downloads folder in Windows 11

So here are the steps on how to choose your desired folder to save downloads in Windows 11. You can also change the location of screenshot folder in Windows 11. Meanwhile, if you want a quick overview of this coming to Windows 11 soon, take a look at our list of upcoming Windows 11 features.


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