How to boost the performance of old iPhone


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Check out how to improve the performance of old iPhone

The excellent user experience of the iPhone is one of its main selling points. The iPhone often outperforms the competition, but all devices slow down with age. IOS updates, on the other hand, can be a double-edged sword, making older iPhone devices even slower. It’s disheartening that your once-fast iPhone has slowed down, but you don’t have to accept the situation. Don’t let your iPhone get lost overnight. Instead, use the suggestions below to breathe new life into it.

It’s not your imagination; your old iPhone is actually slowing down. Apple today revealed that it is slowing down older iPhones to keep battery capacity running low. Apple started slowing down the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone SE in iOS 10.2.1 to avoid unexpected shutdowns. Follow these steps if you have one of these devices and your phone is slowing down. Apple slows down older iPhones to save battery. Use these tips to improve the performance of your phone.

How to boost performance

1. Free up space

An iPhone with or less capacity tends to run slower. You can lighten your load by deleting apps you no longer use and deleting photos and videos you no longer need (or moving the ones you want to keep in the cloud). iOS 11 introduces new tools to help you reclaim storage space.

Go to Settings > general > Storage and use of ICloud and select Manage storage space in the Storage section. Here you will see a colorful graph that shows you how much space you are using and how much free space you have left. Under the box, you’ll get recommendations on how to save storage space, including the new ability to download unused apps, turn on iCloud Photo Library, automatically delete old conversations (texts and attachments older than one year) and view large attachments. .

2. Adopt HEIF

iOS 11 introduces file formats for photos and videos that result in smaller file sizes. Photos use HEIF format and videos use HEVC format. If you are like most iPhone users, photos and videos take up more storage space. Go Settings > Camera > Formats and choose High efficiency to use the new HEIF and HEVC formats.

3. Update your apps

Old apps may not run as smoothly or quickly on the new iOS 11 without an update. After updating your iPhone to iOS 11, check if you have any pending app updates. Open the App Store app, tap Upgrades and touch Update all to update your applications.

4. No automatic updates

As with previous versions, iOS 11 runs background processes to make your life easier. Apps update in the background, for example, saving you from having to look at increasing numbers at the badge alert on your App Store icon.

However, updating background apps is a process that uses your device’s CPU (not to mention battery). You can turn off this feature and update your apps manually through the App Store app.

To do this, go to Settings > iTunes and App Store and press the toggle switch to turn off Upgrades in the Automatic downloads section. (The other three options here, Music, Apps & Books, and Audiobooks, allow you to share downloads between your iOS devices. When enabled, any new purchase you make from the iTunes Store, App Store, or Audiobooks. iBooks Store will automatically sync across your devices.)

Final words: how to improve the performance of old iPhones

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