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Add your Xbox friends to your PC friends list so you can play Halo Infinite together.

Halo Infinite PC gamers are having difficulty adding Xbox friends. The reason is that Halo Infinite, at least on Steam, doesn’t seem to have a clear way for users to get their Xbox friends on their friends list. All hope is not lost, because with a little work, you can add your Xbox friends and get into a game.

How to add Xbox friends on PC

If you play Halo Infinite on Steam and want to add xbox friend to your friends list, you will need to use one of Microsoft’s Xbox apps for PC. Ideally, you will want to use the Xbox Game Bar. This is an overlay that provides quick access to things like the audio mixer, achievements, PC performance trackers, and most importantly, your Xbox friends list.

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infinite halo add xbox friends on pc
The Xbox Game Bar is a great way to add Xbox friends when playing Halo Infinite on PC.

If you haven’t already, activate Xbox Game Bar by opening Windows Settings and clicking Games. Use the slider at the top to activate the Xbox Game Bar. You can now open this overlay by pressing Win + G. From there, you’ll need to search for your friend to add them.

With the overlay open, use the Xbox Social Networks tab to view your friends list. You can either use the search bar or click the Find Friends button. Find Friends can search for users on Steam, Facebook, and Xbox. For the most part, you can just type your friend’s Xbox gamertag in the search bar and hit the plus button next to their name to add it.

Once you send a friend request to your Xbox friend, you should see them appear in the Halo Infinite social menu under “Friends.” Now you can party and start playing Arena.

If for some reason you can’t use the Xbox Game Bar, your other option is to use the Xbox app. This is available on the Microsoft Store. Download the app, sign in using your Xbox or Microsoft account, then use the Social tab at the top to add your friend. The Xbox app is where you can manage your friends list as well as your Xbox Game Pass PC game library.

Adding an Xbox friend to your PC friends list in Halo Infinite cannot be done through in-game menus (even if you are together in the Fireteam). You need to add them using Xbox’s friend list mechanism, just like you would need to use Steam to add someone. Halo Infinite may incorporate an in-game add friend button at some point, but for now, that’s how you’ll need to do it. For more helpful guides, head over to our Halo Infinite page.

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