Here’s how to personalize a Windows 10 PC by changing the wallpaper and themes


With the public launch of Windows 11 just around the corner, many Windows 10 users are not considering upgrading their devices right away. Due to the new design language, wallpapers, and themes of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 10 might look a bit outdated. However, there are a few settings that can be changed to refresh a Windows 10 system.

If a user wants to refresh the look of a Windows 10 device, there are many settings that can be changed to do so. For example, wallpaper is a visual design element that a user encounters on a daily basis. Changing the wallpaper, theme and menus can completely change the aesthetics of a device. There are custom themes are fine. If a user is done with the outward appearance of the device, skins can be applied to give it a new look.

How to personalize a Windows 10 PC?

  • Wallpaper: There are thousands of wallpapers for a user to choose from. While the built-in customizer has plenty of wallpapers, there are some dynamic wallpapers as well. An app called WinDynamicDesktop on Microsoft Store brings dynamic desktop functionality from Apple Mac devices to Windows. What makes this app unique is that it uses the location of the device and changes the wallpaper according to the time of day.
  • Windows 10 users can also use Microsoft’s Bing Wallpaper app on Microsoft Store to get new wallpaper daily.
  • Windows 10 is also capable of recovering the accent color of user-defined wallpaper. To do this, the user can open Settings, go to Personalization, then open Colors and enable “automatically choose an accent color”.
  • The layout of the taskbar in Windows 10 can also be changed. For example, a user can also align the taskbar to the left, right, or top edge of the screen, giving the Start menu a whole new feel as it moves down from different corners of the screen.
  • Microsoft Bing Wallpaper also allows users to set up a wallpaper carousel on the lock screen. If the feature is enabled, a user sees a brand new lock screen wallpaper every time the system is started.

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