Here’s how much Spotify pays artists on the app


According to the music distributor Same, Spotify will pay artists between $0.003 and $0.005 per stream in 2022, with 70% going to the artist and 30% going to Spotify. Using Ditto’s Spotify Royalty Calculator, 100 streams of a song would net you around $0.44 in royalties. By comparison, 1 billion streams from a track would bring in $4,370,000 in revenue.

In 2019, audio oxide reported that Spotify pays artists around $0.00038 per play. So if an artist were to get a billion plays in that time frame, they would have earned around $380,000 in royalties, which isn’t exactly the best rate of pay, especially for independent artists. However, as independent singer-songwriter Vérité said ForbesSpotify “provides a discovery platform” that will “link your listeners to your products and gigs, and provide you with back-end data to locate and analyze your subscribers.”

As Zach Bellas, professional musician and founder of SMB Records told Business Insider, musicians “have always made most of their money from gigs and touring.” However, some artists earn the bulk of their royalties at specific times of the year, such as Mariah Carey during the Christmas season.


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