Grocery store in Charlotte to offer international foods


The North Carolina grocer is preparing to open a third store in Pineville, which is seeing growth in the local Asian community

PINEVILLE, NC — As Charlotte has become one of the fastest growing cities in the country, a North Carolina grocery retailer is also on the rise.

The Korean-owned Super G Mart on Independence Blvd. has already seen its customer base grow, and the owners think now is the time to go big.

Peter Han, one of the owners of the family business, said many excited customers were heading to the future third location, at what was once a Big K Mart in Pineville.

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Han said, “I think now is the time for people who want to step out of their comfort zone a bit and try other flavors.”

A 25,000 square foot food hall will serve authentic Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian and Japanese cuisines, to name a few.

Han said, “We are trying to create a cultural center. We are building this community center which is an 800 square foot hall. There will be language classes, cooking classes for customers who may not know some of our ingredients.”

The 108,000 square foot space will also allow for a more spacious layout with wider aisles. Han said, “We’re an international grocery store, so we want customers to feel like they’re traveling through different regions in every aisle they go.”

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The “G” stands for global, so Super G Mart will offer Caribbean and Latin foods, in addition to many hard-to-find Asian ingredients. The fish will be sourced locally and flown in. There will also be a two-story 16-foot live fish tank.

Han said, “Generally in and around South Charlotte there’s a pretty heavily dominant Asian community.” He also said easy access from I-485 and Pineville Matthews Road was a factor when selecting a site. He said: “I don’t think we expected to go this far, but I think it turned out to be a good idea so we could differentiate ourselves.”

Han said the opening was pushed back to August due to supply chain issues blocking some of the necessary equipment for the store and tenants.

Once everything is up and running, Han said another goal is to partner with local organizations to hold international events and festivals in their parking lot.

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