Grab ‘Sanitarium’ free on GOG for a limited time


Summer isn’t officially here yet, but that’s not stopping GOG from kicking off their summer sales 2022. In addition to month-long deals on new and classic games, GOG, as usual, has set up an introductory giveaway for the next 48 hours. Old-school PC gamers will be glad to know that this year’s GOG giveaway is none other than DreamForge Intertainment’s 1998 adventure game, Sanatorium!

We talked Sanatorium many times (including this one), but it bears repeating that even after almost 25 years, the game remains one of the best atmospheric psychological horror adventure titles on PC. And really, you have no excuse not to play it now. Don’t forget that you have 48 hours to collect it. And GOG has done its job of preservation Sanatorium by including manual analysis, as well as the soundtrack of the game as a bonus.

Sanatorium centers on Max Laughton, who after a particularly important research discovery, rushes home to share the good news with his family. However, someone tampered with Max’s car, which resulted in him being in a serious accident and losing consciousness. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a strange asylum-like tower, surrounded by madmen, and the shrill sound of the alarm drives him mad. Unable to remember anything from his past, Max feverishly attempts to escape. But just when he thinks he’s succeeded, he’s taken on delusional and gruesome journeys through his subconscious, unable to distinguish between reality and hallucinations.

Plus, GOG unveiled Sega’s modern classic Alien: Isolation as the latest to join GOG. You can get it with a hefty 75% discount if you haven’t already purchased it from Steam or the Epic Games Store.


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