Governor Ricketts hosts 70th Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on ‘The Nebraska Way’ podcast


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Governor Ricketts welcomes 70and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on “The Nebraska Way” podcast

Listen to episode thirty-eight of “The Nebraska Way” podcast by click here.

LINCOLN – Today Governor Pete Ricketts released the 38and episode of “The Nebraska Way”, featuring 70and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. During the episode, Secretary Pompeo discusses his experience in the Trump administration, his views on the People’s Republic of China, and his thoughts on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Secretary Pompeo was born and raised in Orange, California. He began his career as an army officer, attending West Point where he graduated at the top of his class. After his time in the military, he moved to Kansas and began running three aircraft parts manufacturers.

In 2010, Secretary Pompeo began his political career by winning his race for 4and Kansas Congressional District. He served as the district representative from 2011 to 2017. In 2017, President Donald Trump nominated him 6and Director of the CIA. In 2018, President Trump named him 70and Secretary of State, where he served the remainder of President Trump’s term. During his tenure as Secretary of State, Secretary Pompeo helped realign US foreign policy with the country’s founding ideals and put America first. He also helped secure real peace in the Middle East through the Abraham Accords, renew key alliances around the world, and punish perpetrators of outrages on basic human dignity. After serving as Secretary of State, he founded Champion American Values ​​PAC, to support political candidates across the country who will champion the United States and its founding principles.

Listen to episode 38 by click here. Listen to previous episodes and follow “The Nebraska Way” podcast on SoundCloud by click here or on YouTube by click here. You can also find the podcast in the iTunes Store and on the Apple Podcast app.



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