Google’s “Fast Pair” ad for Windows shows all that’s wrong with Google


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Google is one of those companies that is easy to dislike if you live in the Microsoft ecosystem. Windows Phone fans often cite Google’s refusal to build apps for the platform and actively block them as one of the many reasons for its failure. Google never adopted Windows except to make the Chrome browser (and a terrible app).

Ah yes, after 14 years Google is doing something with Android on Windows. So brave.

Even in 2022, the company is still unable to put Chrome in the Microsoft Store despite the participation of Opera and Firefox. There is no reason for this as the new store policies do not stand in the way for Google; it is resentment, pure and simple.

That’s why yesterday’s announcement that Google is offering Fast Pair to make it easier for Android phones to connect to Windows rings hollow to me.

To recap, Google is going to support Fast Pair on Windows, which will allow you to “quickly set up Bluetooth accessories, sync text messages, and share files with Nearby Share.”

Google congratulates itself by noting: “For the first time with Android, we are also focusing on building other platforms, like Windows, whether in games, productivity or other areas.”

Google Fast Pair HpThe Fast Pair offered by Google only works with HP and Acer (for now).Source: Google

Ah yes, after nearly 14 years, Google is now doing something with the world’s most popular mobile operating system on the world’s most popular desktop. So brave. I’m delighted that a company with a market cap of $ 1.83 trillion has been able to muster the resources to make it happen.

So why am I crazy? That’s the caveat: “We’re working with Acer, HP, and Intel to bring these experiences to some Windows PCs first later this year.” That’s right, to use this feature you will need to purchase an Acer or HP PC. Select those, too, not all. Also, don’t notice any mention of Microsoft.

Now I’m fine when OEMs develop proprietary software (like Dell Mobile Connect) as an upsell to buy their products. This is standard practice, and you can’t fault these companies for trying to add value to their products. Sure, it sucks, but they do it for a good reason. You’ll also see it with PCs that have foldable screens to fill in the gaps Microsoft left in Windows 11.

But I have a problem with Google doing this directly with to select OEM on to select PC.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Google could work directly with Microsoft.

Why isn’t Google working with Intel (and AMD and Qualcomm) with Microsoft to make it something standard with Your Phone in Windows 11? Your Microsoft phone already syncs text messages, offers sharing, and more, including photos and even operating system mirroring.

Also, pray that you don’t have a PC from another company. Maybe you have an HP laptop but a gaming rig tailor-made for your desktop or something from Lenovo (the number one PC shipper on the planet). Enjoy this great functionality from Google on one PC, but not the other.

But what a great experience with application redundancy! Users will get new cool tips with Fast Pair like Nearby Share, but other features with Your Phone.

Your Surface Duo phoneImagine how good your phone would be if Google helped.Source: Microsoft

It doesn’t have to be that way. Google could easily phone Microsoft and say, “Let’s really make the Android experience on Windows shine and let’s work together.” But they don’t. And they won’t.

This solution is not rocket science. Google with Microsoft (and Intel, AMD, Qualcomm) could create a standard for Android phones in Windows 11, then give that model to OEMs for integration into PCs. If it costs more due to specific hardware requirements, make it optional for PC makers.

Of course, Google must be thinking about Chrome OS, which is fair, but they already are. some stuff with Windows; it’s just half ass. And clearly, Microsoft is adopting Android and Google where it makes sense (like adopting PWAs).

Google appears to be doing something similar with its plan for Google Play games on Windows. We don’t know all the details yet, but it looks like Google is doing it (yet) on its own without Microsoft’s knowledge, input, or support (note that Microsoft and Google haven’t announced this either). And it’s probably a good bet that you won’t be able to find Google Play games in the Microsoft Store because Microsoft has cooties or something.

Let’s be clear: Google has some of the most widely used software and services in the world, be it Gmail, Android, Chrome, search, etc. The company could do a lot more to deliver premier experiences on Windows, but it chooses not to because it still acts like it’s the 2000s. Imagine how good a native Google Mail app can perform on Windows. Apple is the same, except worse (for example, it refuses to work with Microsoft on your phone or give help).

If Google is really “open” and wants its services and software everywhere, suck it up and work directly with Microsoft. It is time for this childish behavior to end.

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