Google Workspace Tackles Microsoft 365 With New Update


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  • A new update from Google will soon influence app productivity and collaboration.
  • Users will soon be able to launch into various applications from Chat.
  • Android users will be the first to receive the update, followed by iOS users.

Google creates synergies between its productivity and collaboration applications. In a new blog post, Google says its users will soon be able to launch into various apps within Chat.

Microsoft has worked tirelessly over the past year to improve and improve its Teams app by introducing new features like custom backgrounds.

Since Google Workspace was declared free a few months ago, this news has been a breath of fresh air for users and can only wait and see what awaits them in the months to come.

First comer on Android

Android users will be the first to receive the update when the rollout begins in the coming weeks, but iOS users will receive it starting in 2022.

“While you’re having a conversation in Google Chat, you can now more easily perform actions in other Google Workspace products. Options vary by context and can include Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos, and Calendar. This will facilitate action on Google Workspace and allow a faster and smoother workflow ”

Google Workspace Update

Google launched G Suite in 2006, competing directly with Microsoft in the office software market, at the time competing with the Microsoft 365 suite, which includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

Microsoft’s strength lies in its tight integration between applications and services, which extends to the Windows operating system on which most business devices run. Google’s strength is its cloud-based model. And although Google has taken the lead in the cloud market, individual G Suite apps have since become much more isolated and difficult to use.

Last year, Google changed its name in an effort to create a more integrated user experience. This was to be done by improving interoperability between different applications.

The latest update to Workspace is a big step towards achieving this goal, but it is still a long way from achieving interoperability between applications.

For example, in June, Google announced integrations between Chat and Calendar, to help users connect with colleagues before or after a meeting. This was followed shortly after by a separate integration which allowed sharing of documents and messages with the participants in the calendar marker.

Meanwhile, at its Cloud Next event, Google announced plans to make a significant investment in the workspace market in an effort to create ways to extend the functionality of its services.

It will also reduce the workload by reducing the number of applications that workers have to juggle simultaneously.

Right now, the updates might not seem like much, but each plays a major role in improving the user experience and the consistency of the Google workspace.

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