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As announced in March, Google Play users on Android are starting to see the Movies & TV store disappear from the app.

Update 6/21: Following the March announcement and early reports in late May, Google is now largely removing the Movies & TV tab from the Play Store.

It started from several devices and accounts that we checked tonight in the United States. Most people now have only four tabs in the bottom bar of phones, while the section has also disappeared from Chrome OS and the Android Play Store tablet, which is set for a bigger overhaul.

Original 5/30: On mobile, Google no longer wants people to browse, search, buy, or rent TV shows and movies from the Play Store app. Instead, Google TV is the intended replacement where you can also view your library, as it was recently updated with a “Highlights” news feed.

As part of this change, there are now changes to Past Purchases, Family Sharing, Payments (including using Play Credit and Gift Cards), Refunds, Play Points, or your Wishlist . There is also no change in the newly redesigned web interface.

Meanwhile, the Play Store on Android now focuses on apps, games, ebooks, and audiobooks. Users are now reduced to three tabs – Games, Apps and Books – in the bottom bar, although they may have Offers or Play Pass in fourth. It makes navigation a bit cleaner.

The first reports of film and television disappearances arrived last week, and there are more today, especially in Europe. Google has also updated its original announcement post:

Update: Movies & TV is being removed from the Google Play app

It looks like the withdrawal will last until June.

9to5Google’s review

The company clearly thinks Google TV is the best place for media, and that player has gotten off to a good start with the new Chromecast in 2020. In practice, it’s a bit annoying that we no longer have a unified place for all digital content. on Android, although it started with the death of Play Music several years ago.

The experience of using the Google TV app in no way deviates from the Play Store experience, and having quick access to “Your Stuff” is handy. That said, I now find myself searching for movies/shows in the YouTube app, which is already on my home screen, and making purchases there. YouTube recently doubled down on its media interface, and that might be an unintended consequence of all that change.

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