Google Play Store: Google brings this minor but important update to the list of mobile apps on Play Store

google will now specify the Android operating system required to install an app. Information will be available in Google Play Store list under the “Application Information” section. Currently, users can find details like application version, updated on, downloads, offered by, published on and app permissions under the section.
As spotted by 9to5Google, it won’t show the Android operating system which is required to run the application on the user’s device. The information will be available with version 29.2.13 of the Google Play Store.

The information is already available on Google Play Store for web. Although it says “Varies by device” on the web, the mobile list is more specific.
Recently, Google added a new feature for Android devices. Smartphones and tablets running Android OS will now instantly add app icons to the home screen. The icons will also show the progress of new app installations.
After a user taps the “Install” button in the Google Play Store, they will see a black and white version of the app on the home screen. The icon will be added instantly to the home screen. It will also have a progress ring and a “Download” label. Once the download phase is complete, the label will change to ‘Installation’. If you download more than one app at a time, you will see apps with the label “Pending…”.


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