Google Play Store fees for subscription-based apps will be halved from 2022, from 30% to 15%


(Photo: Image from Unsplash website) Google Play Store fees for subscription apps will be halved from 2022 from 30% to 15%

Google has decided to lower its Play Store fees for all subscription apps. The prices of these subscription apps are expected to be halved in January 2022. That means Play Store fees could drop from 30% to 15%.

Google cuts Play Store fees

According to a story by News18, the popular Alphabet-owned Google made an announcement noting that it would start lowering the fees needed for certain subscription apps to play on the Google Play Store. The price is expected to drop 30% to 15%.

This price drop would follow criticism of its own pricing structure from companies like Spotify. Right now, developers are still required to pay a massive 30% subscription fee in their first year, and then the price would drop to 15% thereafter.

Applications based on Google’s subscription fees

Google announced in a blog post that it had heard that the customer churn rate now makes it difficult for some subscription companies to qualify for the reduced rate. It was then noted that for this reason they then simplify things to make sure they can.

The official update can be viewed on Google’s support page. The brand new structure would launch from January 2021 and will most likely encourage developers to be able to switch from certain one-off payment methods to subscriptions.

Startups and small businesses are putting Google under fire

It has been noted that e-book companies as well as on-demand music streaming services, which use a large portion of their own sales to pay for content costs, will be eligible for specific service charges as low as 10%. . It has been noted that Google has already been criticized by some large companies including Microsoft and Spotify.

Google has also been criticized by other startups and various small businesses. The heat is on the claim that the fees rob consumers and even raise the official price of apps.

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Reduced fees on the first million dollars

In March 2021, Google said it would halve the service fee it charges developers on its own app store out of the very first $ 1 million developers earn in revenue for an entire year. It’s a similar move to that of iPhone maker Apple.

For now, Apple says it is helping its users avoid $ 1.5 billion in app store fraud in 2020. The announcement came amid the high-profile legal battle between Apple and Epic Games. The legal battle also reportedly helped highlight a number of App Store review practices.

The App Store, however, is not perfect as some fraudulent Apple apps have been seen for sale on the reputable App Store. Some of these scam apps have reportedly cost over $ 10 per week in fees. It is important for Android and iOS users to know whether the app is fake or not.

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