Google Play gets another big update with 10 changes


Late last year, Google began posting changelogs for the Google Play system updates it releases to Android devices (phones, watches, TVs, and tablets). The introduction of a changelog for these updates is somewhat significant because for the first few years of these updates we had no idea what was in them. They were a mystery, which isn’t great considering they impact almost every Android-powered device.

The world first noticed these changelogs a week ago with a January update. The update lists 10 changes you can see on your Android device, from critical fixes to system management items and Google Play Store improvements. Today, Google updated the January Update page to include 10 more items that will appear through Google Play Services and the Google Play Store.

These new updates will be available as Google Play Services v22.02.03 and Google Play Store v28.8. This new round of updates started rolling out on January 14.

So what’s up? Well, Google said it improves the support experience and adds manual credentials to the Google Password Manager. There’s a new discovery feed to explain what’s new in major system updates, a new way to connect to Android TVs with your Android phone, improvements to several areas of the wallet, and a few things about Developer Services.

Account management

  • [Auto, Phone, Tablet, TV, Wear OS] Improve the support experience for Google Account on Android by delivering more relevant content to users based on entry point.

Security and privacy

  • [Phone] With Add Password, you can manually add credentials for apps and sites to Google Password Manager.


  • [Auto, Tablet, TV, Wear OS, Phone] New user discovery flow on supported Android devices to explain what’s new in a major OS update.


  • [Phone] With the update to Android TV, users will have a new way to connect to their TV using Android phones.
  • [Phone] With updates to the new version of Contact UI, users can accept consents.


  • [Phone] Users will have the ability to search for the agency they are looking for without manually scrolling.
  • [Auto, Tablet, TV, Wear OS, Phone] Some eligible cardholder users will default to SMS verification.
  • [Phone, Wear OS] Wallet landing experience improvements.

Developer Services

  • New developer features for Google and third-party app developers to support ads, analytics and diagnostics, machine learning, and AI-related developer services in their apps.
  • Improvements to the Sign in with Google user interface.

Again, these new updates started rolling out a few days ago.

To check for Google Play Store updates, head to the Store, tap your profile (top right), then Settings > About and tap “Update Play Store”.


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