Google Maps reaches 10 billion downloads on the Play Store


Undoubtedly the gold standard in navigation and cemented in the # 1 position on cartographic maps, Google Maps has now hit the 10 billion download mark on the Play Store.

Since there are very few “free” mapping services that can match the accuracy and functionality of Google Maps, downloading it is a must, no matter which mobile operating system you prefer. . It joined a very small elite app club to hit the 10 billion download milestone, which includes Google Play and YouTube (via Android Police) services.

Of course, Maps comes preinstalled as part of Google mobile services, but that doesn’t account for all downloads from the Play Store. Either way, even as the “default” mapping service on Android, 10 billion downloads or installs is still a huge number. For those with smartphones running Android Go or low-end hardware, Google offers “Maps Go”, which is actually a progressive web app that is an instance of the Chrome browser that is up to 100 times smaller than maps. complete. application. This lite version of Google Maps recently racked up 500 million downloads.

 Google Maps reaches 10 billion downloads

Google Maps has evolved dramatically over the past few years with Live AR navigation, a dedicated dark theme, real-time transit data, and recently added green routing options among a literal mountain of tweaks and options for you. help move from A to B in the fastest possible time. Fortunately, this is something that for most everyday uses turns out to be perfect. The fact that Google Maps costs absolutely nothing to download and use is just the icing on an already tempting cake.

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