Google delays new Play Store security section on data collected by apps until April


Google postponed to end of April Implementation of the security section of the Play Storewhere users can view information about security and data protection mechanisms in Android apps.

The new security section of the Play Store It was introduced in May last year, with the original intention of being ready early this year, specifically in February. Towards the end of the month, the tech company updated the dates for developers.

As part of the new deadlines, which come after a grace period, Google is giving developers to They can have the information ready in their appsThe Security section will be available to all users at the end of April on Google Play, as mentioned on the Android developer page.

Developers will be able to continue submitting new apps and updates until July 20 The date on which a new request cannot be published or updated if the form Data security is incomplete or has an unresolved issue.

The new digital store security section will inform users Security and data protection mechanisms in Android applications. In this document, developers should detail the type of data that their “application” collects and shares (eg, location, contacts, personal information); the use of this data, i.e. if it is used to improve the functionality of the application or the personalization; and whether this combination is optional or required to use the Application.

Developers will also need to deconstruct the security practices they have in place, Like data encryptionWhether the app follows Google Family policies or has been independently validated by a global security standard.


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