Google Assistant isn’t rolling out to the Galaxy Watch 4 today


There was one notable omission when the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 range launched last year: Google Assistant. As for its arrival date, Google and Samsung avoided giving firm dates, but there was reason to hope that the digital assistant would arrive sooner than expected. Earlier today, Verizon’s update logs for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic indicated that Google had arrived in an update. However, Google said The edge that is not the case.

“To confirm, Assistant is not rolling out to the Galaxy Watch 4 and we don’t have an update on schedule,” Google spokeswoman Ivy Hunt said. The edge in an email.

Verizon’s update logs, which were first spotted by 9to5Google, refer to a software update released today. Regarding Google Assistant, the logs say: “If you have downloaded Google Assistant, it will appear in the settings menu under ‘Google Accounts’. grainy screenshot showing that you can head to Settings > Google > Google Assistant to access the setting toggles for wake phrase and voice output.

Despite the report, The edge was unable to confirm the update ourselves. We checked our Bluetooth and Wi-Fi review units, and no Google Assistant updates had arrived. We also checked the Google Play Store. Nothing there either. Considering Google’s comment, it seems like this could all have been a big mistake.

We contacted Verizon and Samsung for further details, but did not immediately receive a response.

The ability to choose between apps was key when Google and Samsung announced their Wear OS partnership last year. Previous versions of the Galaxy Watch ran on Samsung’s proprietary Tizen operating system. This meant that users were forced to use Samsung-specific features such as Samsung Pay and… Bixby. For Samsung, the switch to Wear OS was aimed at expanding access to third-party apps – a major weak point in its Tizen smartwatches. For example, Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic owners who prefer Google Pay can now choose to use it instead of Samsung Pay.

The Galaxy Watch 4 range still comes pre-installed with Bixby, Samsung’s own digital assistant. Bixby is… Bixby. While some Samsung users don’t care about Bixby, others have loudly expressed their disgust. Whatever your feelings, Bixby isn’t nearly as popular as Amazon Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. Meanwhile, Google Assistant has long been one of Wear OS’s most useful features.

These are the main reasons why the arrival of Google Assistant on Wear OS 3 is one of the platform’s most anticipated updates. While it won’t come today, we may hear something at next month’s Google I/O conference. That said, Samsung was deliberately vague when it reassured users in February that Google Assistant would be available “in the coming months”. At least that part doesn’t seem to have changed.


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