Google adds Speak app to Play Store, but not Trump’s social truth


After being banned for allegedly helping to incite violence during the Capitol Hill riots in January 2021, the right-wing app, Parler, has been allowed to return to the Google Play Store. The social truth, however, wasn’t so lucky.

According to new data from research firm GlobalData, the news comes as investment in social media companies has slowed.

When Parler launched in 2018, it billed itself as a space for free speech and an alternative to mainstream platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Soon enough, he joined those who supported then-US President Donald Trump. After the Capitol Hill uprising, Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter.

Many journalists and critics have expressed negative opinions of Parler for being a space for far-right extremists and conspiracy theorists. In 2020, NBC News reported that the app banned liberal users.

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Google banned Parler for its lack of initiative to ban hateful and violent content from its users, such as the failed Trump’s Truth Social app. The timing of this could work against Parler’s favor.

The months leading up to US midterms could be a particularly dangerous time for the reintroduction of Parler to the App Store. To get Parler up and running again, its content moderation needs to be of the highest quality.

The right-wing app was brought back to Apple’s App Store four months ago after agreeing to clean up some messages and monitor hate speech on its iOS version.

Google is even considering accepting the app on the platform likely means Parler has made similar changes to its Android app.

In an emailed statement, former CEO Mark Meckler said:

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“The entire Parler team has worked hard to address Apple’s concerns without compromising our core mission. Anything that is allowed on the Parler network but not in the iOS app will still be accessible through our web and Android versions. It’s a win-win for Parler, its users and freedom of expression.

Truth Social, a conservative-focused Trump-created Twitter impersonator, is still struggling to convince Google to keep it on the Play Store.

Google announced it was blocking the app last week for not meeting the standards needed to be listed.


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