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What is the Rand app?
Rand App is a personal finance booster that helps you pay all your monthly expenses on autopilot. People hate spending money each month on subscriptions. You share multiple subscription accounts with your friends and family, like Amazon Prime, Spotify, Netflix, to save money or because you share an address. This all adds up monthly and annually and is a huge expense that needs to be paid for.

Because of these pesky monthly expenses, many don’t have room in their personal budget for their larger expenses or savings. But what if you could receive rewards for covering those expenses by opening an account together? This is the primary use case for Rand!

By pooling your money with your friends or family, you can make your money work harder and smarter. Rand Network connects people to produce returns in a safe way and also helps you save money instead of spending it.

Just open an account, create a private vault for yourself or with your friends or family, and that’s it. Rand produces a return on your savings covering all your monthly expenses in one place. Additionally, Rand also gives you the chance to win big cash prizes by joining public chests where members are randomly selected each week to win. If you don’t win, your initial deposit stays in place or can be withdrawn at your convenience. It’s as simple as that.

Because Rand is built on the blockchain and earns returns through stablecoins, your deposits are secure and we minimize risk against crypto volatility, allowing you to invest and earn rewards.

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