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Animal Crossing: Guide New Horizons Turkey Day

It’s Turkey Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Even if you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving, the delicious digital food and Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turkey Day goodies are well worth the time it takes to recharge your city. Ignore those stray pumpkins you neglected to clean up after Halloween, eh? Let’s put on some festive music and break down the ingredients for the turkey party that you’ll need to bring to Franklin, the Turkish chef. He’s in your place in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and you can’t miss him. Stop feeling sorry for yourself over digital irony.

You’ll notice we’ve added a Turkey Day Secret Ingredient Category to each zone, and that’s because Franklin will ask you to add hidden ingredients to each dish for extra incentives when you’ve produced the Ultimate Menu. four-course. However, you can only do this after you’ve finished these meals, and you’ll be rewarded with a bubbly variation of the original dish.

All you have to do is approach it with the extra components in your pockets, and it will recognize you. You can find them by fishing or trading with your fellow villagers who have stayed home, which is potentially much faster. Give them what they need when cooking at home, and they’ll likely hand over much harder to find hidden items like Barred Knifejaw or Dungeness Crab.

The rewards for these additional ingredients are detailed below, but they will all come from the Turkey Day Furniture Set. Don’t worry if you miss one; Once you’ve added a hidden ingredient to each of the four recipes, you’ll receive the full recipe set.

Clam chowder ingredients and a secret ingredient

First off, Franklin wants to make a clam chowder with entirely local ingredients (hipster fucking turkeys), which means you’ll have to find three Japanese clams (our favorite flavor!). All you have to do is go to the beach and wait for those little downpours to appear through the sand. Wait long enough and three Japanese clams will appear, ready to add to Franklin’s delicious soup. Send them back to him and he will cook some soup and reward you with the turkey day mat.

Pumpkin pie ingredients and secret ingredient

Franklin wants to bake a pumpkin pie next, and he’ll need an orange pumpkin as well as a yellow, green, or white pumpkin, so maybe you still have some leftover Animal Crossing: New Horizons pumpkins. Don’t worry, as this is an Animal Crossing game and not a Soulslike, you won’t be penalized for throwing your last pumpkin. Visit some of your neighbors and they will be happy to hand you the appropriate pumpkins. Bring the pumpkins back to Franklin and he’ll bake a delicious pumpkin pie and Turkey Day Wall as a reward.

The two pumpkin colors that you didn’t use at first are the secret ingredient. EG If he asked for orange and green first, you should also provide yellow and white as additional ingredients. If you don’t have any, the villagers will exchange them for you.

Seafood gratin ingredients and the secret ingredient

It’s time to cook some seafood gratin, and Franklin will need the mushroom and mussel for it. If you’ve been playing for the entire month of November, you might already have this fungus in your pockets, as it has been growing since the beginning of the month.

The round variant consists of small white mushrooms that look like edible mushrooms. Look for a spherical mushroom in the grassy areas or go inside and talk to your villagers who have stayed at home in Animal Crossing New Horizons. They barter stuff so you can get what you want.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will need to put on your wetsuit and dive in to find a mussel. Mussels can be found hidden at the bottom of the ocean and are fortunately quite common. Look for the bubbles as usual and head down to get them. Franklin will create a seafood gratin and treat you to Turkey Day Flooring after you bring him the mussel and round mushroom.

Meunière fish ingredients and the secret ingredient

Franklin wants to cook a fish meunière, so it’s time for even more seafood. The chef asks for a sea bass and additional fish specific to your hemisphere. It could be an olive flounder, dab, or red snapper if you are in the northern hemisphere. It can be a Dab or a Red Snapper in the Southern Hemisphere.

Either way, it’s time to get out there and catch some fish. This is the first time that you will be delighted with C this pun in your life. See what we did there…? In any event. Return to Franklin after going out to sea and starting to fish – feel free to craft some bait to make things easier. Donate your loot and he will start preparing a cornucopia for you.

Barred Knifejaw is a secret ingredient (Fishing or trading with villagers)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Turkey Day Rewards

  • Turkey Day Mat – Clam Chowder Reward
  • Turkey Day Wall – Pumpkin Pie Reward
  • Turkey Day Flooring – Seafood Gratin Reward
  • Cornucopia – Meunière Fish Reward

Franklin will bring you the Complete Collection of Turkey Day DIY Recipes once you’ve given your last fourth hidden ingredient. Don’t worry if you don’t get them; they will be available for purchase in the store tomorrow.

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