Free Fire removed from App Store and Google Play Store in India


The weekend is here, but many Free fire fans in India cannot play their favorite game. The Battle Royale title was pulled from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store today. In addition, many players who had already installed the game are complaining about connection problems on social networks.

The game was pulled from the App Store on Saturday morning (local time) and removed from the Google Play Store later that evening. The improved version of the game, MAX free fireis also not available on the App Store, but is present on the Google Play Store at the time of writing.

It is not known why the moves are taking place. Neither Garena nor any of the Free fire India’s official social media accounts have made a public comment on the situation at the time of writing. Free fire Facebook account acknowledged connection problems in a message and said they were under investigation. Dot Esports has contacted Garena and Sea, Garena’s parent company, for comment.

Fans have speculated if it could be due to a ban on gambling in India. India’s Ministry of Electronics and Computers previously banned several apps for alleged data privacy reasons in 2020. It’s unclear if Free fire is also subject to similar review by the government agency. When the apps were banned in 2020, a public statement was released by the ministry. Even then, the apps were available for a while on app stores before being taken down. The ministry, however, made no such statement today.

We will update the article when more information becomes available.


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