Fix This app will not work on your device Amazon AppStore error


For some time we have been hearing about some Windows 11 users experiencing issues while installing Amazon app store to their system. Apparently they get an error saying: “This app will not work on your device.” From what we gathered, this error message tends to appear when the Microsoft Store is not updated. Alternatively, it can happen if certain Windows features are not enabled.

This app will not work on your device Amazon AppStore Error

Mastering this problem is easier than you think, although some cases require effort on your part. Keep reading the information below to learn more about what to do-

  1. Enable Windows Hyper-V feature
  2. Update the Microsoft Store

1]Enable Windows Hyper-V feature

To make sure the Amazon AppStore works on your Windows 11 computer, you must first understand that the Windows Subsystem for Android relies on virtualization. Therefore, you will need to enable Hyper-V if such actions have not already been performed.

  • Go to the control panel
  • Make your way to the programs
  • Open the Windows Features window
  • Enable the necessary features.

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Go to the control panel

If you want to turn on the Control Panelplease click on the To research icon on the Taskbar, then type Control Panel in the search field. When the relevant results have appeared, select Control Panel to launch it.

Go to Programs

Now the next thing you should do here is click on Programs. Do this by changing the Seen by section to Categorythen in the list at the bottom left you should see Programs. Go ahead and select it.

Open the Windows Features window

To do this, you must click on Enable or disable Windows features. It should be visible from below Programs and Featuresso you can’t miss it.

Enable necessary features

From the new window known as Windows Featuresyou have to scroll until you find Hyper-V, virtual machine platformand Windows hypervisor platform. Check the boxes next to each and then complete the task by pressing the OK button.

2]Update the Microsoft Store

Before we look at other solutions, we believe that updating the Microsoft Store could put things back in order and as such, this should be the first step to take.

  • Open the Microsoft Store
  • Access the library
  • Get updates

Open the Microsoft Store

To update the Shop, you need to open it first. You can do this by clicking on the corresponding icon located on the Taskbar. If it is not there, we suggest you click on the windows key and take a walk in the The start menu.

Access the library

Once the Microsoft Store is up and running, you should now move to a section called Library. It is usually located in the lower left corner, just above Help.

Get updates

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The last step here after opening the Library section is to click Get Updates. This will automatically check for available updates for all apps, including the Microsoft Store. If it finds any, the system will download and install them automatically.

Do I need the Microsoft Store?

Here’s the thing, the Microsoft Store is an important aspect of Windows 11/10 as they are intertwined. You see, many key pre-installed apps require the Microsoft Store to get updates, but not only that, it’s the best place right now to safely download apps.

Can you get Amazon AppStore on Windows 10?

No, it is not possible to get the Amazon AppStore on Windows 10. You will need a Windows 11 computer, and from what we have gathered, users must reside in the United States to activate and take advantage of what the Amazon AppStore has to offer.

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This app will not work on your device Amazon AppStore Error


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