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Microsoft’s PowerToys are open source tools that aim to make Windows users more productive, and the next addition to the collection will address one of the most aggravating aspects of using multiple monitors.

According to a recent tweet from Senior Program Manager Clint Rutkas at Microsoft, the company’s next PowerToy will make things a lot easier for users of 4K, ultra-wide and multi-monitor monitors.

It can be difficult to discover your mouse cursor while working when using multiple monitors or a single monitor with high resolution.

Fortunately, Microsoft’s new, unnamed PowerToy will feature a user’s mouse cursor with a white circle to make it easier to find.

While you can already activate an option that displays rings around the command button when you press it, Rutkas said in response to his initial tweet that this new feature would be “a day and night difference” to the existing solution from the company for this widespread problem.

The best electric toys are also the most popular.

PowerToys are a set of tools that were originally released with Windows 95, then resurrected for Windows 10 two years later.

These tools, while useful, are not intended for typical users; they are intended for people who already know how to use Windows and want to be able to access important features and preferences much faster.

Microsoft’s current arsenal of PowerToys includes nine tools that allow Windows users to perform a variety of tasks such as editing many files at once, shrinking images, choosing colors, and launching applications faster.

One of the latest additions to Microsoft’s collection of utilities is PowerToys Awake, which allows you to delay your PC from going to sleep for as long as you want.

With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft has made it even easier for new users to use PowerToys by making its utilities available through the Microsoft Store as well as on GitHub.

While there are many productivity apps available to help you accomplish more, PowerToys are free and were created specifically for the Microsoft operating system.


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