DWAC Stock Surges as Truth Social Lists on Apple App Store


After a year in the wilderness, former President Donald Trump is preparing for a return to social media. It appears he posted his first message on Truth Social, the app his new company Trump Media and Technology Group is creating after a merger with a SPAC called Digital World Acquisition Corp.

Seems is the key word here because the app in beta mode isn’t technically public yet, so people can’t see it for themselves. The post was revealed via a slightly pixelated screenshot that Donald Trump Jr. shared with the world by posting it, perhaps unknowingly, to Twitter and Instagram:

“Be prepared! Your favorite president will see you soon,” Trump’s message read.

The new app is supposed to launch on Monday, President’s Day, if its Apple App Store listing is to be believed. (Devin Nunes, who left Congress to become CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, previously said the site would launch in late March.)

Anyway, the App Store listing is the latest look at the app’s design and attitude, and the theme is pretty clear: the UI is very Twitter-esque, while the atmosphere is ruthlessly anti-Twitter. In screenshots showing what the app looks like, Truth Social’s App Store listing mocks Jack Dorsey in nearly every image. They show that the app is being used by someone named “Jack’s Beard”. (Position: @Jack. Bio: “I’m just a guy trying to make it in this big world!”)

Another image gives us a glimpse of @Jack’s feed, where we see a message from @TRUTHSocial that reads: “This week has been amazing. We work so hard to make sure everyone has a voice. . Cancel the cancel culture! strongly proportioned by platform users in this scenario he concocted – the post has 12,392 replies, but only 8,921 likes and 4,722 “re-Truths”, the term the app landed on for retweets.)

There is also a fake DM exchange between @Jack and @Jane, an apparent employee of his who he asks to delete a user’s account. “Hey @Jane, can you ask our moderation team to delete this account and its posts?” he asks. “@Jack, are you sure you want to do this? responds the employee. “I mean it’s a big deal to censor this content. A little exaggerated… right? To that, Jack’s Beard then replies, “JUST TAKE IT OFF!” ????

Meanwhile, an image from Trump’s Truth Social page was shared by Liz Willis of Right Side Broadcasting Network, the media company best known for broadcasting all of Trump’s rallies live on YouTube. Willis posted an image that, if you’re not paying attention, looks like Trump’s old Twitter account reincarnated. He has the same profile picture, handle, and bio description. One notable difference: His profile appears to have been verified with a red checkmark instead of a blue one.

News of Trump’s inaugural publication sent shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp soaring. 5% in premarket trading, implying a gain from its previous market valuation of at least a few billion dollars. The company trades under the symbol DWAC. Financial reporting organizations such as the the wall street journal called it a “remarkable number” given that no one knows jack (so to speak) about this company, even after its SEC filing, except that it plans to launch a new site that highlights Trump .


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