Did Microsoft make the right choice with Amazon’s Appstore for Windows 11?



The biggest news of the past week was Microsoft’s announcement of Windows 11 – and, more relevant to us, the fact that the new operating system will run Android apps. However, there is one major problem: the app store Microsoft plans to use is Amazon’s. While loading apps is apparently possible, we don’t know what kind of restrictions or difficulties it might impose. So, for this week’s poll, we’d like to know: do you think Microsoft is making the right choice using Amazon Appstore on Windows 11?

I am divided here because there is a clear advantage for the consumer in terms of competition. Yes, Amazon’s Appstore doesn’t have such a good selection, and recent company practices are wave at better. When it comes to giant tech conglomerates, Amazon is about as low on the “evil” scale a business can get before they start stealing candy from babies or fighting in bars. But, Amazon’s Appstore is also one of the very few third parties for Android that has managed to succeed across the board, and an increase in customer numbers through a partnership with Microsoft could be the boost it needs to. really compete with Google and provide us with a solid second choice.

Sure, a Microsoft engineer says we should be able to load apps, but that’s not necessarily an easy workaround for Microsoft’s store choice. Chromebooks are a good comparison example here. Yes, technically you can load android apps on it, but it’s a huge pain in the ass, and there’s no proof yet that Microsoft will make it easier for us either.

Microsoft probably could have opted for the Play Store just as easily – after all, the company pointed out how closely it was working with Google on the Surface Duo dumpster fire – but Google’s terms for such agreement would almost certainly have been more difficult for Microsoft to accept. . Historically, the Google Play Store license has mandated things like preinstalled apps, Google service integrations, and Google Search as the default search engine (although GMS license terms are generally confidential and vary by manufacturer and manufacturer. market). And when it comes to desktop, search, and personal computing services, Microsoft and Google are direct competitors.

Finally, Microsoft possesses already a software showcase: the Microsoft Store. In fact, this is how you will get your Android apps on Windows 11, but Microsoft is still not fully responsible. As the screenshot above shows, this is just an interface for the Amazon Appstore. If the company wanted, Microsoft could have done its own end-to-end thing.

There is a lot to balance here when you consider the question, but what do you think of Microsoft’s choice of Android app store for Windows 11, and do you think Amazon’s Appstore is the right one?

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