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Sitting at the bottom of the shelf in my home office are two large binders with pages and pages of New York Mets baseball cards from the origin of my favorite team in 1962 through the early 2000s.

I’m not a baseball card collecting fanatic, but I do like to go through my cards occasionally, see what I have and don’t have, and occasionally go to eBay to try and fill in some gaps.

Rob Inglis, photographer for the Daily Item in Sunbury, Pennsylvania and a colleague of mine there, is much more involved than me. It took him about five seconds looking at my binder to notice that there was a Nolan Ryan card missing from my collection. (I later found out that the available Nolan Ryan cards from his Mets years are ridiculously expensive and won’t be added to my collection anytime soon.)

Eric Pehowic, the Daily Item’s nightly news editor, is also heavily involved in the hobby. Unlike mine, both of their collections go far beyond baseball cards.

When I recently learned how passionate they both are about all of this, it occurred to me that they might like to share their passion and expertise with like-minded people. So I asked them to do a podcast.

Two weeks ago, this podcast became a reality. This is called “Cardboard Collection”. Episode #2 was released on Friday. It’s available on the iTunes Store and just about anywhere you can subscribe to a podcast. It is also available on our website at

I asked Rob to tell me a bit about how he got into…er…collecting cardboard.

He said his father bought him his first pack of baseball cards in 1987 and then bought additional packs “for about 50 cents a pack at the gas station counter when we stopped.

“I couldn’t wait to get home and open them up and see who we had,” Rob said.

It didn’t take him long to become addicted to collecting.

“I loved these cards,” he said. “I flipped through them over and over, keeping them all over my room so I could look at them whenever I felt like it. It wasn’t until a few years later that a card shop opened in our town that we started collecting a little more seriously.

The best part of it all, Rob said, was “hanging out with my dad and opening them up and talking.” He considers this time spent with his father “invaluable”.

After a while, Rob said, they stopped collecting seriously in the late 1990s. Fast forward to a year and a half ago, Rob, now a father of three daughters himself, said finding some of these old maps and starting to remember how much fun it was.

“I’ve since shared some of that fun with my eldest daughter who enjoys trying to pronounce players’ names and my youngest daughter who uses the cards as money in her games,” Rob said.

Now that he’s gotten back to it, he said he was excited to do the podcast with Eric.

“It’s for anyone who enjoys collecting trading cards of all types, including those just starting out as well as seasoned collectors,” Rob said. “We will feature a variety of segments, including news of the day, random facts, and most likely heated disagreements on certain topics.

Rob and Eric emphasize that they are by no means “card investor gurus”. But they are eager to share their thoughts, experiences and the fun of collecting cardboard.

If you are a collector, or once upon a time and would like to be again, I encourage you to check them out.

Dennis Lyons is editor of the Sunbury Daily Item and national editor of CNHI. Email your comments to [email protected]


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