Delhi Police Show Google How Play Store Can ‘Help’ Scammers In India

There is an increase in KYC related scams in India with telecom operators like Airtel, Vodafone India and even Association of Cellular Operators of India (COAI) warning mobile users to be careful KYC messages and also advising users not to download remote access applications like TeamViewer QuickSupport, Any office and others.
From now on, the cybercrime division of Delhi Police stepped in to show how google play Store search results can help scammers perform KYC scams across India. In a tweet, DCP Cybercrime has shown that KYC research on the Google Play Store displays TeamViewer Quick Support as the first result. This is the same app which is used to perform KYC frauds in India.
“Dear Google India, Online frauds in the name of KYC verification are rife. Scammers use remote access applications to steal card details, Netbanking and OTP details. keyword “KYC” on Google Play Store displays Team Viewer Quick Support as 1st option. Such suggestions and prompts from Play Store help scammers to deceive gullible users. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why people are tricked into installing such an app on behalf of the KYC update. Please fix this in the public interest, “DCP Cybercrime tweeted from its official Twitter account and also attached a video featuring the problem.

As for the scam, mobile users are threatened to submit documents for eKYC verification by calling a certain number within 24 hours of receiving a KYC message to avoid disruption of services.
The scammer, pretending to be on the customer service team, calls or texts about an incomplete KYC form. He asks the customer to install a Quick Support app from the Google Play Store to enable him to help him. As no such application exists, when the user tries to install it, they are redirected to the TeamViewer Quick Support application. The TeamViewer Quick Support application allows the fraudster to take over the device and the accounts associated with the device remotely. After that, everything the user sees on their mobile screen is also visible to the scammer who then secretly takes screenshots of the online banking passwords.
In view of the widespread misuse of the TeamViewer app, the developers recently added a face and fingerprint lock for smartphones to prevent unauthorized access. Although TeamViewer is a well-known platform among IT professionals, it is considered to be one of the most dangerous applications in India. the TeamViewer remote control The app can now be locked behind biometric authentication, preventing unauthorized access even if the mobile device is left unlocked.

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