Broncos to assess quarterback’s future after head coach search


Still, Paton identified that there were other issues that were factored into the Broncos’ offensive woes in 2021.

“You can’t just pin him on the quarterfinals,” Paton said. “We have to block better, we have to catch better. We have to make the key plays in the key moments of games, and we haven’t. Whether it’s a drop here, a penalty there, a missed block, a fumble – two fumbles for touchdowns is unprecedented. And you’re not going to win a lot of games when you miss those details and make those mistakes at key points in games. “

Regardless of his background, Denver’s next head coach will be tasked with improving that side of the ball, Paton said.

“We have to improve the offense,” Paton said. “We know that. Whoever we talk to, obviously he’ll have to have a plan for our attack. And if he’s a defensive-minded coach, he’ll have to talk about his plan and his coordinating offense, his technical staff and what his vision is with our staff. So that all comes into play. Offense is obviously a priority, but we don’t want to step back on defense. We also need to uplift the special teams. We need someone to take over the whole operation. We’re just not focused on one side of the ball, although we really need to improve on that side of the ball. “

While Paton hasn’t attributed the team’s lack of success from one head coach to another in recent years solely on quarterback play, Denver’s struggles to find a long-term answer to the quarterback -backs have been a focal point every year and will be again as the next head coach takes the reins.

“Obviously I know how important this position is,” Paton said. “It’s the most important position in the sport. But we focus on the coach. If you can get the right leader, that’s the most important thing… and then we’ll have the quarterback, we’ll have the other position.… Leadership and the right head coach for this football team is number one priority. “

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