Borderlands 3 is free to play on the Epic Games Store


Although Epic Games always offers free games, they are usually not the best games around. But once in a while, the platform offers a great game for free and this week is one of them. You can hang Borderlands 3 for free next week from Epic Games Store.

This giveaway is in place to help Epic Games get started its mega sale. The Mega Sale has become something of an annual tradition at Epic Games and includes massive discounts on tons of games on the platform.

But the best discount you can find is 100%, and that’s what you get with Borderlands 3. The 2019 looter shooter builds on the gameplay and humor that catapulted the Borderlands franchise in the hearts of gamers over a decade ago.

If you have never played Borderlands game before, there is no need to worry. You’ll be fine to jump in Borderlands 3 and causing havoc.

Of course, you might miss the context of previously known characters from the franchise. But you’ll still have a chaotic and hilarious experience on your first playthrough.

You have until May 26 to claim Borderlands 3 for free from Epic Games, so you might as well act fast. And there is another free “Mystery Game” after that. When Epic uses “Mystery Game” as a placeholder for upcoming free games, it usually means it’s a really good game.

So we’ll be keeping an eye on the Epic Games Store this year. Mega sale. It started earlier this week and ends on June 16. Hopefully we’ll see more bangers like Borderlands 3 for free over the next few weeks.

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