Battlefield 2042 on Xbox Game Pass would likely be a one-sided relationship


Xbox Game Pass isn’t exactly the most leaky ship, but there were a few notable games that leaked before they were added in one way or another. One way this has happened, reliably anyway, is a leak through the Microsoft Store with a reference to something like EA Play or Xbox Game Pass itself. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a good example of a leaked Xbox Game Pass title that came true this way.

Now, recent rumors have also suggested that two more EA games may be joining Xbox Game Pass: FIFA 22 and Battlefield 2042. These are due to EA Play listings for these titles on the Microsoft Store, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers have access to all EA Play games. It’s more like a question of when, not if, but at least as far as Battlefield 2042it may not be the best decision.


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Xbox Game Pass versus Battlefield 2042

Xbox Game Pass is hailed as the best gaming deal, and for good reason. The library is huge, there are tons of perks like EA Play, and Microsoft is investing heavily in it. Big Ubisoft games are even coming to Xbox Game Pass, and before long it looks like Xbox Game Pass will become a one-stop-shop for the biggest games. However, he shouldn’t let anything and everything in.

Battlefield 2042Development and release issues are no secret, and nearly 6 months after launch, fans are still not happy. This is still reflected today in Battlefield 2042The low number of players on Steam. There’s no doubt that going free would likely increase console gamers, but there’s really no getting around that: it would be a lackluster game added to Xbox Game Pass.

Now, when/if it becomes part of EA Play, that’s the deal between Microsoft and EA. But Microsoft also needs to ensure quality on Xbox Game Pass. There are a ton of games of all sizes and quality levels on Xbox Game Pass, but the general rule comes down to preference. There is something for every taste; it’s not just a search to sort through the worst and find the best games on Xbox Game Pass.

While it’s arguable that Xbox Game Pass was or has become more than a “Netflix of video games” idea, it’s worth noting that Netflix (and other streaming services) often comes down to finding a good quality movie or show, sifting through the oldest and dullest ones. titles to find it. Xbox Game Pass cannot do this, and as long as Battlefield 2042 obviously does not welcome a flurry of lackluster headlines on the service, the truth is that one day it might add one too many Battlefield 2042-like titles.

The long and short storyline is pretty straightforward: Xbox Game Pass is good for Battlefield 2042but Battlefield 2042 probably isn’t good for Xbox Game Pass.

Battlefield 2042 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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