Author Andre Allen’s new book “Open Thoughts for a Closed Mind” is a thought-provoking compilation of insight and wisdom drawn from his own redemptive life experiences


Andre Allen, author, motivational speaker, mentor, entrepreneur and Ashland University graduate who endured twenty years of incarceration, has completed his new book “Open Thoughts for a Closed Mind”: A compilation of lived wisdom for readers of all ages.

Andre Allen presents a powerful and very concise framework that will give you the information you need to become self-aware. Giving each reader the unique opportunity to conceive several dreams that would change the way they live their life and empower themselves to set goals and achieve them. “Open Thoughts for a Closed Mind” was created to help today’s youth and adults address the ongoing issues they face on a daily basis and share the possibilities to consider in their lives, as well as the ability to create a different perspective on themselves.

This book is filled with fruitful quotes and practical principles that will uplift you spiritually and mentally, making you aware of your responsibilities and realizing that there is a higher purpose for life, your success and your health. André’s insightful words of wisdom are eloquent and beautifully redeeming. If you place a higher value on life, you will discover the great value of your own life as well as that of others. This sense of importance is a powerful impetus to overcome life’s difficult challenges. Often our lack of appreciation can be harsh in our complaints of “If only I had this” or “If only I could do that”. These statements and others like them reveal the selfish nature that lacks appreciation for the divine gift of life given to us.

“Open Thoughts for a Closed Mind” was designed to increase the chances of reaching today’s youth and sharing the possibilities that need to be considered in one’s life as well as the ability to create a different point of view of themselves and how to live their life. lives in general. To also know that the insight and words of wisdom he shares with each of them is to understand that there is more to be gained from these moments.

Published by Page Publishing, Andre Allen’s captivating book is an insightful resource for guiding at-risk youth toward personal achievement and success.

Readers wishing to discover this captivating work can purchase “Open Thoughts for a Closed Mind” in bookstores worldwide or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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