Attend our briefing on Google Play Store policy changes


In this briefing, we’ll answer all your questions about the implications for Indian businesses of the latest Google Play Store policy changes.

Title: What the Latest Google Play Store Policy Changes Mean for Indian Businesses
Date: September 22, 2022
Time: 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. IST

You can attend this call for a one-time fee of Rs. 750.

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What we will cover

Through this discussion, we will examine:

  1. What are the main concessions to Play Store policies announced by Google in recent months and who can benefit from them?
  2. What is User Choice Billing and will it really address developer concerns?
  3. What made Google allow real money gambling apps in India? Which game companies will benefit from this pilot?
  4. How have Play Store commissions changed over the years?
  5. History of Google Play issues in India and how Indian companies have shaped Play Store policies over the years
  6. What other developer concerns still need to be addressed
  7. How will recent changes impact CCI’s Play Store investigation?
  8. Which countries are currently investigating the Google Play Store and what is the status of those investigations, and more.

Why this briefing is important

Over the past few months, Google has made significant changes to its Play Store policies that could change the dynamics of one of the most important digital gateways for developers and businesses around the world: app stores. But this did not happen in a vacuum. Google Play and the Apple App Store have come under intense scrutiny and pressure from dozens of regulators around the world. What concessions have been made and why and what else is in store for the future are questions that impact any business that has a smartphone presence.

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The session will begin at 3:00 p.m. with a presentation explaining the key points and implications of these policy changes, followed by a Q&A session, during which participants can ask questions and/or debate issues.


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