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I have owned Macs for many years now, previously working for Apple; not once have I had a bad experience that hasn’t been rectified or explained as to why and what happened.

However, I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with.

I bought all new Apple products this year (iPad Pro M1 … MacBook Pro 16 M1Max..iPhone 13 Pro Max etc etc etc.)

During my shopping I traded in many of my old devices and bought all new devices in different ways; full payment on Apple Card and also Apple Card financing.

I traded in my old MacBook Pro and got $ 650. BEFORE redeeming it, I spoke with Apple representatives at the Apple Store to confirm that I could use the trade-in credit AND fund my NEW MacBook Pro on my Apple Card (for example, purchasing a new $ 3,500 mini MBP credit of $ 3,500 and FINANCE the rest on Apple’s 0% 12 month offer) I was told, “Yes you can do that”.

Okay so I continue the exchange, I receive my credit note and I wait patiently for the new MBP to be announced and put on sale.

I will make the purchase and find out … I CANNOT use my credit (or any other partial payment method) AND have it funded, it must be a full purchase with credits or a full funding.

Ok, then I ask if I can buy AppleCare + with the credit on my Apple ID from MBP store … I was told “Yes”

Now I am going to buy AppleCare +. I can’t use my Apple ID credit.

I can’t buy a gift card with this credit, I’m just stuck.

I cannot understand how this is not possible.

I am now working with the Apple Store to see if I buy an item with my Apple ID credit then return it can I get it on a gift card they said they weren’t sure because it could just go back to the “original payment method”

I have a pickup session scheduled for later today, so I will update if I get more information.

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