Apple removes Dark Sky weather app from App Store ahead of shutdown


Apple has removed its Dark Sky weather app from the company’s App Store ahead of the app’s upcoming shutdown at the end of this year.

Apple Dark Sky Weather on Apple Watch

Users currently launching the Dark Sky app on iPhone see a pop-up message stating that “Dark Sky app support” will end on January 1, 2023:

Support for the Dark Sky app will end on January 1, 2023. Dark Sky forecast technology is now enhanced and integrated into the updated Apple Weather app. – Apple Inc.

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

Apple previously planned to begin shutting down the Dark Sky app, website, and API at the end of 2021. This change was delayed until late 2022 as Apple continued to make upgrades to the integrated Weather application as well as to launch the new API WeatherKit. Apple originally acquired Dark Sky in March 2020 and used the technology to make a number of upgrades to its built-in weather app.

Now that WeatherKit is available to developers and iOS 16 is available to everyone, Apple is officially notifying users of its intention to shut down Dark Sky.

By pressing the “More Info” button in [Apple’s pop-up] The message takes you directly to the App Store listing for the Apple Weather app.

Taken from MacDailyNews: With the release of iOS 15 in 2021, Apple’s Weather app has received many improvements over Dark Sky, including graphical displays of weather data and redesigned animated backgrounds – as well as precipitation maps, air quality and temperature data – making Apple’s Weather app more engaging and powerful than ever.

In iOS 16, a new Lock Screen Gallery offers a range of options, including a Weather wallpaper to see live weather conditions as they change throughout the day.

Among many other features, Apple’s Weather app offers notifications for severe weather events such as tornadoes, hurricanes and flash floods so you can stay safe and prepared and sends notifications when rain or snow is about to start or stop.

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