Apple iOS 15.1 Release Candidate comes with a huge bug intact


As expected last week, Apple released the iOS 15.1 Release Candidate today, right after its new MacBook and AirPods 3 event. This is the version that will be released next week, barring last minute bug fixes.

Apple therefore has a chance to save itself.

What’s new?

What do we get with iOS 15.1? A little, in fact. As expected, SharePlay returned in the first big release after iOS 15. This makes sense, given that SharePlay was such a big feature of the summer keynote.

Here’s everything included in the next public release.

  • Switching Auto Macro Mode
  • The possibility of filming ProRes videos
  • SharePlay – the feature taken from the original beta and talked about extensively during Apple’s keynotes. This feature allows you to share your media with everyone during FaceTime calls.
  • Lossless audio – if you’re looking for hi-fi sound on your iDevice, this feature does just that (as long as you have AirPods Pro or Max).
  • Virtual Immunization Cards – If you’re lucky enough to live in a state that provides digital medical records, you can add your immunization card to Apple Wallet.

What is broken?

I expected Apple to dig and fix the telephony bug reported last week in its official release notes. I was wrong. The telephony bug is still here and hopefully being worked on so it won’t be a problem until iOS 15.1 is released to the public.

  • Subject accessories notification will not work (requires restarting the Home app)
  • You may lose sound during phone calls and then the call is completely dropped! If this happens, switch to Airplane mode, then go back.
  • The App Store may not record that transactions are completed.

This is, hopefully, all that is still broken in the Release Candidate. It doesn’t mean that something hasn’t crept in. If you find a bug, report it in the Feedback app.

What is corrected?

Well, it’s not a phone call solution, but now you can turn on alarms in the Clocks app if you are using Voice Over. Yay?

And after?

With the new AirPods and MacBook Pro unveiled today, shipping next week, it’s no surprise that Apple is releasing iOS 15.1 next week (along with macOS Monterey, finally). While it’s still possible that Apple will change the final candidate version, it’s not entirely likely, which means that while the telephony bug turns out to be a bigger issue once it’s on millions of iPhones we might see a very fast bug version, iOS 15.1.1.

Barring an emergency bug release, I expect iOS 15.2 to begin its beta testing cycle next week with iOS 15.2 Public Beta 1.

Now is a great time to sign up for Apple’s beta program, given that all that exists right now is finalized software that everyone will be getting next week. It’s like seeing the future. Or, at least a very specialized part of it.

How do I register?

Go to the Apple Beta program site on the device you want to enroll, sign in with your enrolled Apple ID (or create a beta account if you don’t already have one) and follow the steps, c ‘ is that easy! You’ll download the beta profile to your iPhone or iPad, then reboot, check for a software update, and test in no time!

Keep in mind that this is beta software and Apple makes it very clear in the agreement that you scroll down to the Agree button that it can do anything until you brick your device and corrupt your data. My public beta installation guide has all the maintenance steps you need to take before installing the beta.


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