Apple ID Server Status – What to do if you get Apple ID error


In case of Apple ID error, users should check the Apple System Status on the official website to see whether Apple is aware of the problem or not.

Many Apple users took to social media platforms on Tuesday and reported difficulties accessing their Apple ID and other related services. On an iPhone, almost all system apps like App Store, Photos, Music, iCloud are logged in with Apple ID. In other words, it would be impossible for Apple users to access their files, photos and contacts stored on iCloud without verifying their Apple ID.

That being said, Apple ID also makes it easy. Apple device users must create a single Apple ID applicable to all the services they would access in a day. If a user is setting up a new Apple device and wants to transfer all the data from the old machine, signing in to the Apple ID on the new device will do that. However, the reliance of all services on a single ID can cause problems for the user in the event of an outage.


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On January 25, 2022, Apple servers suffered downtime, affecting services like iCloud Backup, iCloud Mail, iMessage, Game Center, Photos, iTunes, and more. The issue arose on social media platforms as users struggled to log in to their Apple ID. At the start of the outage, users received the error message “Verification failed. An error occurred while connecting to the Apple ID server,causing them to think that there was something wrong with their device, maybe their device or Apple ID was hacked. However, as the problem started to affect more users, Apple l acknowledged as an outage on its System Status website.

Facing an Apple ID error? Apple servers could be down

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When faced with the Apple ID error, the first thing Apple users should do before trying any fixes is to check the Apple System Status website for any recent outages or server issues. System Status website shows live status of all Apple services including App Store, Arcade, Music and Apple ID. Locate the Apple ID on the System Status page and check its status. If the page says Apple ID is facing a problem, there is nothing the user can do about it. The only possible solution is to wait for Apple to fix the error and bring the Apple ID back online. If available, the issue can be localized to the device or network connection locally and can be resolved through a trial and error method.

Sometimes the Apple ID error can occur due to an unstable network connection. Faced with the error, Apple users should check their internet connection by performing a speed test. If there is a connectivity issue, switching to a stable internet connection should fix the Apple ID error. Resetting network settings can fix the problem if the device cannot connect to the internet over a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Users can do this from the Reset menu found in the General section of Settings. The Apple ID error can sometimes appear due to a system glitch in an iPhone or any other Apple device. Although it is difficult to identify such a problem, turning off the device and turning it back on can solve it. If you have tried all the methods and none seem to work, contact Apple Assistance should be the best possible option.

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