Apple finally lets users rate its preinstalled apps


For years, the only Apple apps people could rate or rate on the App Store were the ones they could possibly install, like the iWork suite. So if you wanted to rate iTunes Store, Measure, or Mail apps, you just couldn’t. This has raised a lot of questions over the years, but Apple hasn’t provided any clear reason to block public comment on some of its apps. Fortunately for us, but not for Apple, this is no longer the case.

It’s unclear exactly when Apple made this change, but we did find reviews of preinstalled Apple apps (via 9to5Mac) that are at least ten days old. The change is very welcome as users should be able to rate and read the thoughts of others on the apps they plan to use – or abandon. However, this is probably not very good for Apple, as some apps get very low ratings. While some of these are well deserved, many are 1 star spam by users stating that they are doing it for no particular reason.

low Measure spam ratings of apps on the App Store

Apple may have introduced this change because they still claim to be equal to third-party developers, in terms of App Store privileges at least. So, if third parties are forced to enable Reviews and Ratings on all of their apps, it makes sense for Apple to treat all of their apps the same. It could also help the company dodge a few bullets in future antitrust lawsuits.

While I appreciate the opportunity to see reviews of Apple apps from other users, it’s a shame that you can’t take all reviews seriously. As shown in the screenshot above, some people just do this out of spite. This affects the average app rating, making reviews an unreliable source of comments.

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