Amazon Appstore not working on Android 12


A photo from the Amazon Appstore on a Pixel 6 Pro

The Amazon Appstore is having issues and it could be Amazon’s own DRM.
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Overall, the Android operating system is a more open platform than its iOS rival. But that doesn’t mean that third-party app stores on Google devices are still performing well.

If you are an Amazon Fire Tablet user, you might have downloaded the Amazon Appstore on your Android phone, maybe because you have a free app from Amazon and no longer want to pay for it through the Google Play Store. On Android, it’s as easy as loading the APK from the Amazon app. But Android 12 may have introduced a compatibility issue for the App Store. According to liliputant, the latest version of Android doesn’t seem to work with Amazon’s built-in DRM.

a October 2021 thread dating from when Android 12 started rolling out to devices titled “Amazon Appstore not working after android 12 [sic] update ”is followed by numerous responses detailing the same disease. “It also doesn’t work on Android 12 on my Pixel 6,” one user wrote. “Same problem on Pixel 5,” wrote another.

The post has since accumulated over 100 responses and received thousands of views. An Amazon staff member ultimately responded to the original post, writing that “our tech team is aware of the problem.” However, it looks like they’re still looking for a resolution and just making sure the latest version of Amazon Appstore is installed won’t solve much.

Amazon said The edge He is aware of the issue affecting app performance, adding that it does not appear to affect Amazon Fire tablets or Fire TV devices.

A photo of three screenshots of Amazon's issues

Amazon is now warning you about its Appstore issues on Android 12.
Screenshot: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

When you download the Amazon Appstore on an Android 12 device, like I did on the Pixel 6 Pro, there is a giant banner at the top that says, “We are also excited about Android 12. Unfortunately we are working on some issues. Thank you for your patience while we get your Appstore back.

The banner is not showing on my OnePlus 9, which is still on Android 11. For the record, I can also report that the Amazon Appstore seems slower on the Pixel 6 Pro, and some categories of pages do not load. not even. The only apps that seem to appear are those published by Amazon. In comparison, the OnePlus 9 had no problem downloading apps.

The problem could be related to Amazon’s built-in DRM, as one commenter in the thread noticed that a bit of expert-level tinkering could make Amazon’s apps work on Android 12 devices. This involves decompiling the APK on an older version Android, then recompile it to work with a self-signed certificate. But at this point, you are better off looking for the app in the Google Play Store.


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