151 Google Play Store apps exposed to be dangerous! Uninstall now to prevent UltimaSMS Scam



More than 150 malicious apps were recently discovered on the Google Play Store! Unfortunately for users, these scam Android apps are convincingly disguised as legitimate tools. Users should be on the lookout for so-called scam apps from the Google Play Store.

Cybercriminals and their scam strategies have been getting creative in recent months. At least 151 scam apps have been found disguised as legitimate tools like photo editors, camera filters, QR code scanners, and even games. Most of the victims who signed up on these apps had their money stolen.

Fraudulent apps from the Google Play Store: list of fake apps

The cybersecurity software publisher Avast reported this discovery on October 25. They provided a list of fraudulent apps found in the Google Play Store and pointed out that they have already been downloaded over 10.5 million times.

Here are some of the said apps:

  • FREE AppLock X
  • Crime City: Revenge
  • HD and 4K dynamic wallpapers
  • Animation FX Editor Pro
  • HD neon RGB keyboard background
  • Ultra HD Camera
  • Ultima 3D Pro Keyboard
  • VideoMixer Editor Pro
  • Wi-Fi password unlock
  • Wi-Fi Around: all Wi-Fi and hotspots unlocked

Note that this is only a small list of fraudulent apps discovered. Apparently, they are carriers of the UltimaSMS scam campaign.

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Google Play Store Apps: UltimaSMS Steals Your Money

According to BGR, UltimaSMS is a premium SMS scam campaign. He unfairly charges $ 40 per month on bogus subscription services. UltimaSMS apps also access victims’ phone location, IMEI, phone number and country code while the scam is running. The fraudulent app routinely charges bills every week during its service.

In particular, UltimaSMS uses a simple but effective strategy. Many users might not notice the scam immediately as they can’t wait to download the new app. Victims find out a bit too late when they are accused of overpayments. To avoid this, users are recommended to be careful and be vigilant while downloading apps.

Uninstall Fake Apps Now: How to Avoid UltimaSMS Scam

To avoid falling victim to UltimaSMS, users should immediately uninstall the previously mentioned bogus apps. Users should also avoid other fake UltimaSMS apps than Github listed on this site.

Victims should also turn off premium SMS option with their respective carriers to make UltimaSMS scams ineffective. The procedure may vary depending on the carrier’s service.

Android users who download new apps are advised to pay attention to the permission and instructions of the app. Read the installation procedure carefully and be aware of the information it asks for. Users should only download apps and provide personal information to trusted sources or websites.

It should be noted that the previously mentioned fraudulent UltimaSMS apps have already been removed from Google Play Store at the time of writing. This should reduce the number of victims downloading from the App Store in the future. However, nothing prevents crooks from using the same strategy in the future, so users should be on guard.

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