10 things before the opening bell: August 30


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1. Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana on Sunday. Oil production cuts made in anticipation of the storm have already exceeded those made during Hurricane Katrina 16 years ago. Many blackouts are expected and the price of crude oil will likely continue to climb.

2. The long-awaited Fed speech on Friday was the status quo, which was the best possible outcome. Jerome Powell didn’t make waves during his annual Jackson Hole address, simply reiterating that the Fed may start cutting back on asset purchases this year. Shares hit record highs as Powell spoke.

3. RBC analysts just updated their list of favorite small-cap equity ideas. Their picks include 13 top-rated companies with an increase ranging from 20% to 130%. Check out the list, which is dominated by technology and biopharmaceutical names.

4. Gains on deck:

, Bank of China and Haier Smart Home, all report.

5. Amazon-backed EV creation files for IPO. Rivian is said to be looking for a valuation of $ 80 billion and has already raised more than $ 10 billion since its inception. Here’s how the electric vehicle maker plans to compete with Tesla.

6. Tim Cook raised $ 355 million after selling the Apple shares he received as a work bonus. The company gave Cook more than $ 750 million in stock after leading a decade of company growth and soaring stock prices. Learn more about Apple Billionaire’s lucrative week.

7. China intends to ban US stock market listings for technology companies that store sensitive user data. Nonetheless, Chinese regulators have said those with less sensitive data, such as pharmaceutical companies, should still conduct planned quotes overseas. Discover the latest figures behind the crackdown in China.

8. Your morning cup of coffee could get more expensive as the global coffee supply chain tightens. Vietnam, the world’s second-largest coffee producer, has instituted strict COVID-19 travel restrictions amid a new wave of epidemics. Coffee prices have already risen amid drought in Colombia and crop damage in Brazil.

9. We spoke to a leading cryptocurrency market technician who became bullish on Cardano before it climbed 92%. JC Parets broke down his thoughts on the call – and the broader crypto market – in an exclusive interview. Discover his views on solana, helium, dogecoin and bitcoin.

10. A 48-year-old market vet warns the Fed will be forced to tighten policy “much sooner” than investors anticipate. David Hunter of Contrarian Macro Advisors sees this happening as inflation continues to soar. He unwraps his outlier call for stock market crash of up to 80%.

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