10 Horror Movies That Deserve A TV Series [Halloweenies Podcast]


The answer is NURSE.

Last week Trace and I kicked off our Summer of Camp marathon with the satirical game Gorgeous Drop Dead (1999), a film so hilarious and offensive that it could never be made today. This week, our second film asks the question: what were they thinking when they did that?!

Doug Arniokoskiit is 3d nurse is a whole movie wrapped into one; its mix of tones, performance, and scattered plot is a big part of its camp appeal. It’s a disaster of epic proportions, anchored by an absolutely iconic – and lopsided – performance from the star Paz de la Huerta.

In the film, Abby (de la Huerta) is a hypersexual nurse by day, but at night she transforms into an avenging angel who targets unfaithful men. Abby’s only weakness is her affection sexual obsession cough > for his new mentee, Danni (Katrina Bowden). Abby disapproves of all the men in Danni’s life, including her boyfriend, Steve (Corbin Blue), as well as his lying and unfaithful stepfather, Dr. Larry (Martin Donovan). Add Rachel Adams (Melanie Scrofano), the curious new human resources manager tied to Abby’s veiled past, and a sexy detective (Boris Kodjoe) working on the murder spree, and Abby has plenty of body to keep her scalpel working overtime.

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Episode 185 – 3D Nurse (2013)

Grab your vecuronium and prepare to go bottomless as Week Two of Summer of Camp tackles Doug Aarniokoski’s Nurse 3D (2013).

It’s just… what is it? It’s Paz de la Huerta starring in a completely different film from the cast stacked around her. These are lawsuits and delays. It’s fetish costumes, shitty 3D post-conversion, and the craziest voiceover you’ve ever heard.

Trace offers a wrap-up lesson as Joe questions the poorly incorporated (C/W) rape plot while drawing a surprising number of comparisons to our Showgirls episode.

But is it the camp? We still don’t know what this movie is; all we know is that we love our fucking jobs.

steer 3d nurse!

Coming Wednesday: We’re taking our Camp series back to the 70s for a look at our very first John Waters film, female disorder (1974)!

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